Andurá Studios is a Brazilian company specialized in the development of authorial games. Its main objective is to create high quality games that meet the expectations of consumers, aiming to contribute to the national production. The company team started its activities in early 2016, in an academic project, and everything ended up so well that some of those members decided to continue that project and set up the company Andurá Studio to enter the market in 2018.

With a team composed of graduated game designers, it gives the company the Game Development Expertise required to create a high quality product, seeking to improve the methods and processes, always aiming to entertain its target audience.

Our company has the objective of creating games in which the public feels an interest in playing, that the game is a fun experience for the user and that is always a good artistic quality is aligned along with the mechanics well solved. We also seek to meet the demand for games creation and gamification of third parties and also the creation of Assets, where, indirectly, we can help the market and the scenario of digital games, maintaining the same quality and commitment of games of authorship of the company.


3D Production

It is basically the process of creating a 3 dimensional object, through Maya, Blender etc. With this, you can simulate objects, scenarios and characters. Its application is destined to diverse areas, like cinema, games, architecture and illustrations.


We will help you create a game and solve it, starting from the beginning to the end.

Concept Art

It is a form of illustration whose main purpose is to reproduce a representation of a design, idea and / or tone used in films, electronic games, animations or comics before being placed in the final product.


Basically, gamification is a way to use common elements of games in situations that are not restricted to entertainment. It is a method of games to serve other purposes, such as making complex content in more accessible materials, facilitating learning processes.




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